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Advancing Balance Assessment

Bsure™ is a comprehensive approach to advancing balance assessment - from the industry leader in otoneurologic testing. Formerly ICS Medical and Madsen - companies you've known and trusted for years - we're now Otometrics.

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Dizziness problems are among the most common complaints physicians hear from their patients. Up to 40% of all adults experience episodes of such intensity or frequency that they consult their doctors about the cause. As our population ages, the number of people experiencing dizziness will only increase, representing an opportunity for practice growth. That's where Bsure™ comes in.

Bsure™ is more than equipment - although our diagnostic systems are second to none and a cornerstone of the program. Bsure™ is continuing education -in classrooms at the Otometrics Chicago facility, at seminars across the country and online through this bsure4balance website. It's in-depth equipment training and ongoing customer support. It's data consultation with our on-staff audiologists. It's publications for the healthcare professional like the well-respected, "Insights in Practice." For patients, there's "Here's How to Bring Balance into Your Life," which describes the diagnostic process in laymen's terms. Bsure™ is also marketing support - providing you with a plan and materials to help you promote your balance diagnostic practice within your community. It's everything you need to bring your patients' needs into balance.



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