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Classroom Courses

VNG/ENG Course

This is a comprehensive, professional educational program for Video- and Electronystagmography.

The course is usually held twice a year in attractive locations. It comprises three days:

Day I is designed for healthcare professionals with little prior ENG experience. It starts with the basics necessary to make the test administrator an effective part of the diagnostic process and proceeds through each step in administration of the test, including instructions and pitfalls commonly encountered.

Day II is for healthcare professionals who are already familiar with ENG testing and wish to learn how to interpret abnormal findings. Each test is discussed in terms of distinguishing abnormal from normal, interrelationships between tests and the implications of abnormalities.

Day III is a half day course for healthcare professionals who are fully familar with VNG/ENG testing and interpretation and wish to learn more about new and emerging vestibualr function testing and rehabilitation methods. Rotary chair, posturography, vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and other advanced testing methods will be discussed. Principles of vestibular rehabilitation will be presented.

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Best Practices for the Evaluation and Management of Dizziness: A Workshop with Leading Clinicians

This course follows on the hugely successful “Evaluation and Management of Dizziness: Leading Clinicians Discuss and Defend Best Practices” course held in Chicago, 2002.

This course will to be held in Chicago, June 25 & 26, 2004, and will build on what we’ve learned from our expert clinicians and participants. It will explain when and why the expert clinicians do what what they do in their evaluation and management of dizziness.

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Advanced in-service training

These training classes are intended for new users of the CHARTR VNG/ENG system. They are held quarterly at the GN Otometric's facility in Northwest Chicago. The training is designed to supplement the in-service obtained from our local representative at time of installation. It comprises a full day of training on the system hardware and software, designed to insure that end-users have maximum comfort with system operations in order to maximize its diagnostic potential and value.

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