Healthy Sleep

During sleep, the body undergoes important processes aimed at its restoration. Therefore, it is important to sleep well. Learn to fall asleep and wake up at the same time to keep your jet lagging. The bed for quality sleep should be flat and moderately hard. The blanket is lightweight, breathable.

Physical activity

Lead an active lifestyle. Movement deficiency leads to the development of many diseases of the heart, blood vessels and oxygen transport system. Try to walk at least 10 km a day. Movement prevents blood stagnation. And the blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to all cells and tissues.



It will help your body to finally wake up and tune in to a productive active day, make you more attentive and more purposeful. Change your position regularly when seated. Every 20-30 minutes, get up and warm up – stand on one leg, sit on your knees, stretch, jump, stretch your feet. If you are forbidden to get up from your workplace, at least fidget in your chair more often or find yourself exercises that you can do while sitting.

Correct stress response

You can’t avoid stressful situations all your life. However, you can learn to respond to them correctly and painlessly for your health.

Hygiene of the body and the environment

Take care of your body, because you have to live in it all your life. Observe hygiene, maintain the correct microclimate in the house, wear clean and comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics, and get out into nature more often.

No bad habits

Get rid of bad habits. And the faster you do it, the less harm you will cause to your health.

Balanced and rational nutrition


Eat a healthy and balanced diet. The body must receive all the nutrients necessary for full-fledged vital activity – proteins, healthy fats, slow carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and others. And in the right quantities. Give preference to healthy, natural products. Don’t overeat. With a normal weight, consume exactly as many calories as the body spends in a day. If you are overweight, slightly lower your calorie intake and exercise to increase your calorie expenditure.

Watch your posture

Poor posture is the cause of problems not only with the spine, but also with internal organs, which are compressed and receive less nutrients and oxygen due to poor blood supply. Strengthening the immune system Strengthen the immune system. There are many ways available. For example, swimming, hardening, taking vitamin and mineral complexes, contrast shower. Well, do not forget that the basis of strong immunity is a healthy lifestyle.